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LuxuryOnlineStore Wholesale Prices

Looking for the ultimate luxury authentic brand supplier?

The LuxuryOnlineStore Wholesale Prices Premium Kit opens up a whole new world of wholesale pricing with the ability to add additional wholesale pricing levels (based on user roles), and we control product visibility to wholesale roles and set minimum purchase thresholds, plus much more!

Full Feature List

Different Version:

Adds a new user role called “Wholesale Customer” which is different from the “Customer” role on site

We enter separate pricing information for customers with the “Wholesale” role

Quick wholesale pricing for simple products

Displays the defined Wholesale Prices on the All Products list view screen

Logged in users that have the new “Wholesale Customer” role will see the wholesale prices throughout the store, we simply adjust the user role for our wholesale customers

Different starter kits? Available to suit your needs

Premium Features:

Merchant, plus:

Adds additional custom wholesale roles – segregate our wholesale customers even further by introducing additional wholesale roles for different commitment levels

Restrict product visibility – restrict product visibility to specific wholesale user roles so they can only be viewed by users that have the specified wholesale role/s. This is handy for creating wholesale only products

Hidden “retail only” products – hidden products without wholesale prices from wholesale customers, meaning you only see wholesale products to wholesale users. Also, hides “retail only” variations so variations that do not have a wholesale price defined are hidden.

Created “wholesale only” variations – we specify variations that should only be visible to wholesale customers on Variable products, these are hidden from retail customers

Minimum subtotal amount – we set the minimum subtotal a customer must order in order to receive the preferential pricing that their wholesale role allows. We apply this globally across all wholesale roles or individually per wholesale role

Minimum order quantity – we set the minimum quantity of items in the cart must have. We apply this globally across all wholesale roles or individually per wholesale role

Minimum quantity per product – we set the minimum wholesale customers can order of a particular product

Minimum threshold notices – we show notices on the Cart and Checkout pages if our wholesale customer hasn’t met their minimum thresholds (subtotal value or quantities)

Product category % discount – wholesale prices are set at a Product Category level meaning it’s easy for us to assign a wholesale discount based on a percentage to an entire category. We can then override this per product if further or different discounts need to be applied

Global % discount for all products – This can be overridden by the Product Category % discount, which in turn can be overridden by the individual product’s wholesale prices

Pricing discounts by quantity – we set a wholesale price for our product, then tweak that wholesale price based on the quantity our customer wants to order, in agreement with Trade Account Manager.

Adjust wholesale price wording – defaults to “Wholesale Price:”

See the “Order Type” of an Order – we add a new column to the Order List screen so we can easily see which orders are wholesale orders

Tax exemptions – exempt wholesale roles from paying tax (great for EU tax compliance). We can apply this globally across all wholesale roles or individually per wholesale role

Show inclusive/exclusive tax prices – we choose to show wholesale customers prices including or excluding tax throughout our store and in the cart & checkout

Optional additional thank you message – we show a special thank you message to wholesale customers only after ordering in the order received a page which is automatically recognised and redirected.

Give wholesale orders free shipping – optionally we can elect to give all wholesale customers free shipping regardless of order value on selected customers, as agreed with Trade Account Manager.

Shipping method to wholesale role mapping – we specify which shipping methods certain wholesale roles are allowed to see & use, even if the shipping method is disabled. If there’s no mapping detected, we will use the default enabled shipping gateways.
Features only offered exclusively to you

Payment Gateway to wholesale role mapping – specify which payment gateways certain wholesale roles are allowed to see & use, even if the payment gateway is disabled. If there’s no mapping detected, it uses the default enabled payment gateways

Surcharge for specific payment gateways – optionally we can add a surcharge for wholesale customers on certain payment gateways, used for recouping transaction costs for PayPal for example

Disable coupon codes – we choose whether wholesale customers can use coupon codes or not based on loyalty

Override price suffix – override the price suffix defined under the tax settings which is shown after prices throughout the store

Strike out or hide the retail price – keep the retail price shown or hide the retail price completely


The Bronze Luxury Authentic Starter Kit

The Silver Luxury Authentic Starter Kit

The Gold Luxury Authentic Starter Kit


The Platinum Luxury Authentic Starter Kit


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