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Home / Claims & Refunds

Claims & Refunds

Written Statements

Delortae Agency™ Luxury Independent Authentication Service Written Statements. Claims &  Refunds

Delortae Agency

Delortae Agency is the UK's first and now leading independent authority for luxury designer authentication and appraisal services. We have established our unbiased reputation for gaining optimum results for our clients, through our commitment to employing professional, experienced top-level personnel dedicated to their individual renowned area of expertise.

Being internationally accredited unbiased independent luxury Appraisal and Authentication Specialists, our services are recognisable and respected worldwide.

We seek to provide an objective analysis to assist our clients in making informed authentic purchase decisions.

As experts, Delortae Agency provides different levels of Authentication Services to fit your needs. Our expertise is dedicated to providing authentication, appraisal and consulting services.

Our services are recognised, respected and supported by all reputable High-End Boutiques, Insurance Companies, Small Claims Court, Credit Card Companies, Police, Trading Standards, Office Of Fair Trading, Custom & Excise, respected Auction Houses and official, legal & government bodies worldwide.

Delortae Agency aims to dispel much of the intrigue surrounding this specialised professional service. Here we answer some of the more common questions on the subject we receive;




They're truly are a dedicated and professional group of individuals and a credit to the industry. We are proud to have them on our team.

Delortae Agency™  is the only luxury designer appraisal company to offer clients both Covert and Overt Tagging and free Photo Image Protection for authentic item resale. Visit our Luxury Independent Authentication Service for further details and Client Service Fees. Delortae Agency may be better known for The Luxury Independent Authentication Service


Q: What Is A Non-Authentication Statement? ?

A non-authentication statement is a process or action of proving or showing something to be true, genuine, or valid and providing a written documentation.

Q: Why Would I Need One??

A Non-Authentication Statements can be used for claims, insurance, resale or just peace of mind.

If you need help verifying your items are genuine or require authentication for any purpose we can help. Perhaps, you need a written statement of non-authentication for a PayPal dispute. Or your credit card, bank, financial institution, court or insurance company has requested it in order to provide a reimbursement. You can be sure your claim is in safe hands. Visit our Luxury Independent Appraisal Service for further details.

Q: How Long Does It Take??

Delortae Agency Authentication Department would aim to give you our response within 3 – 5 days. This is dependent on our workload as a financial representative for client refunds, take priority as they have a time deadline to meet for refunds to be claimed.

In the event of a monetary refund claim, Delortae Agency claims are actionable immediately if a dispute has been opened and a deadline to present evidence has been issued on all Direct Bank Payments

Please Note: As of Monday 31st August 2015 all Authentication & Appraisal Request required within 21 days will only be considered with payment by Direct Bank Transfer only. We apologise for any inconvenience but this helps to reduce the amount of pressure to meet an overwhelming demand on Delortae Agency Authentication Department. We appreciate your kind co-operations.

See our former clients advice and genuine comments to others who may find themselves in their position and on our unique service.

We cannot guarantee to lower our competitive fees in the future but we can guarantee never to lower the quality of our service!

Q: Are Your Statements Claim Accepted??

Yes, Delortae Agency Non-Authentication Statements are accepted as Witness Statements in Courts,  credit cards, PayPal, Insurance claims and all financial institutions for monetary refunds.

Q: How Are The Statements Prepared??

Delortae Agency appraisal service is essentially an online service. Our authentication team is not based in London and offer their expertise via personal or photo service from our Cambridge central office. They are a panel of three senior appraisal assessors, headed by a Mr Gerald Harper.

Our eminent panel of three luxury insurance appraisers, who all have to be in agreement with an item verification to deem a conclusive determination. The panel will examine each feature and closely scrutinise each and every individual detail. It is their carefully considered professional collective opinion on close examination and based on their extensive experience and knowledge of such items that form the foundation of the statements.

Our reports are prepared with the precision accuracy that the industry demands with all major design houses included. They can call on colleagues around the world for further verification if necessary. Visit our Luxury Independent Appraisal Service for further details.

Q: Who Prepares The Statements??

Delortae Agency Panel of three Senior Appraisers. Each has to give their reasons on verification of an item's authenticity before making a conclusive determination to which they all gain complete agreement.

Having reached their carefully considered shared professional judgement, on close examination and based on our extensive experience and knowledge of such items, will publish a reached opinion.

Delortae Agency's distinguished, an esteemed panel of professionally whose expertise inspecting such items is often called upon by other professional and law enforcement agencies for expert witness testimonies. Visit our Luxury Independent Appraisal Service for further details.

Q: How Do I Request A Statement??

If you have a request for a statement for assistance. Please Contact Us or complete the Ask A Question Form to the left of this page with your requirements and a member of our client care team will advise you further on the process. Please note; all services are payable in advance and can be made via PayPal (no PayPal account necessary) Postal Order, Google Checkout, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque, and all major credit cards accepted. Cleared funds are required to begin the process.

Q: What Is The Process For Claims??

The process for monetary claims and refunds.

Practices do vary from establishment to establishment concerning monetary remunerations. Commonly, policies such as PayPal Protection Services are quite clear on their refund policy.

We understand this is a distressing time for those concerned and do everything possible to help alleviate your anxiety as much as we can should we be instructed.

Our aim is to move things along swiftly to what will be, hopefully, an agreeable conclusion between yourself and the PayPal Protection Department.

Firstly, you need to be certain that this is indeed the case. We always advise in the first instance that you endeavour to take your purchase to a store or boutique if you are in doubt, as it is both quicker and cheaper for you.  Unfortunately, they may well agree that the item is indeed a fake but typically would not put their findings in writing and also in a format that would be acceptable to PayPal.  There is a certain format that PayPal Protection services will only accept, we know from the countless clients we have successfully represented.

The next step will be to act quickly, as there is only a limited amount of time we have to act to ensure your money is returned.

The refund process is a TWO stage process. First, the faxed Non-Authentication Statement notifying them the results of our findings. Second, the faxed confirmation the item has been destroyed and discarded by us following the terms of their agreement to monetary refund.

You need to be in complete cooperation with both processes in order to secure a successful outcome as regards your refund. As independent authenticator's we also have to protect the rights of the seller.  Not all sellers' are trying to defraud you, many are unaware that the item they are listing is counterfeit. It has been our experience that they themselves may have bought the item, believing it to be authentic.

Some clients are also not always familiar with an authentic item. The fact that it does not look the same as their friends could be due to many reasons. We have had to advise some clients, on close personal inspection, the item is indeed AUTHENTIC and returns it to them with our detailed statement if requested.

There is a fee for Photo Authentication opinion available on request for official purposes (as Photo Opinion). If you would like us to provide you with a written statement of Non-Authenticity acceptable for PayPal or other financial institutional purposes there is an additional fee payable, currently discounted by £15 if term on completion of the service.

The procedure required is as follows; given by e-mail.
Should you enlist our professional services all fees, subject to the brand, payable prior to services commencing. For your convenience, we have a wide range of payment options available including PayPal, Google Checkout, direct bank payment, cheque, postal order and all major credit cards.  If your Statement is required within five working days payment is required via bank transfer on receipt of our emailed Sales Invoice giving account payment details.

Please note PayPal Services Protection Department require us to have inspected the item personally in order for them to consider full reimbursement. As it is against UK law to knowingly send counterfeit material through Royal Mail the item will be secured in our vault awaiting instruction, via affidavit from PayPal, to dispose or destroy. When you send the item to us, the items authenticity is yet to be determined, so no law is violated. We understand the item may not arrive before the deadline but must be posted.

(This is essentially an online service)

With our Panel’s extensive expertise, recognised worldwide, you can be sure your claim will be in safe hands. we are an independent, unbiased third party and operate with our clients' interests and our company integrity both being paramount.

Our reputation is known and respected worldwide for excellence, which is why we are such a trusted source for all parties involved.

We will, in order to comply with PayPal UK guidelines, that the bag must be inspected in person, make arrangements for the item to be collected when a time is paramount.  We also accept items by Royal Mail Signed Delivery.

On receipt, the Authentication Department would fax the relevant paperwork required by PayPal to them directly. PayPal will receive the required Statement of Non-Authenticity in acceptable PayPal format. You will also receive a copy of the Statement along with the original Fax Cover confirming date sent, via email in PDF format.

When in receipt of all the above, we will be able to act immediately.

Please see our free What To Do If you Think You Have Bought a Fake Guide (pdf) which you may find helpful and do not hesitate to contact us should you have further need of our help and assistance.

Q: Do You Verify Photos??

Photo Authentication Opinion Service

There is a moderate fee for photo authentication opinion confirmations at £54 for unofficial purposes (as Photo Opinion). If you would like us to provide you with a written statement of Non-Authenticity acceptable for PayPal purposes there is an additional fee of £37, currently discounted by £15 if on a conclusion of our service you agree to leave a comment in our Guest Book.   **Most monetary refunds require In-Person Appraisal

Q: Do You Verify In-Person??

In Person, Appraisal Is Required For Refund Claims

The process is slightly different as in the fee is available on request but leaves little or no margin for error. Again, this is an online service and items are sent by mail and presented in actuality. You are notified via e-mail. Images of your item will be taken on verification. Your images will remain on file and should you require verification of authenticity for later resale we will supply authentic verified Delortae Agency ID number. Postage and Packing are additional. Further instructions can be given on request.

Q: What Verification Can I Expect??

There are really only three possible outcomes from an opinion service;

The item is not an item from the brand house

This would cover, fake, counterfeit, copies or unauthorised repairs on some authentic items. Some brands will no longer deem an item authentic if it has been altered/repaired outside of their services.

The item is an item of the brand house

This would cover authentic items that are associated with the brand in questions.


The panel was unable to agree on authentication via pictures, and the item would be subject to an In Person Inspection. Should the Panel fail to reach an agreement, the item may be referred to the Brand House for their verification which will be final.

Inconclusive is regrettable and unusual but is a possibility where the picture quality or angle is not sufficient to render an opinion. Please note payment is based on the appraisers time and not the outcome. Which forms the Terms and Conditions included in our terms of services agreement.

Q: What Is A Written COA??

A Written COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) is, in many respects similar to an Appraisal, the appraisal of a professional appraiser's opinion of value and authenticity. Written COA (Certificate Of Authenticity) is only eligible on items that have been appraised in person. Online Photo Opinion Service is not eligible for this service. See Delortae Agency Luxury Independent Appraisal Service – FAQ 

Q: Do You Charge A Fee??

Should you enlist our professional services there would be a professional fee payable prior to services commencing.

For your convenience, we have a wide range of payment options available including PayPal, Google Checkout, direct bank payment, cheque, postal order and all major credit cards.

If your Statement is required within five working days payment is required via bank transfer on receipt of our e-mailed Sales Invoice giving account payment details.  If for any reason this would not be possible please Contact Us immediately.  Costing may include the discounted Guest Book Agreement.

Q: Can It Be Done Cheaper??

Probably, yes! by others. Done better, never. Our business was founded on recommendation and referral business only. We are renowned for a professional, friendly and efficient service. We do not claim to be the cheapest, as our fees include up to 72 hours free help and advice included from our Legal Department for PayPal and financial institute disputes included.  The time and resources our dedicated professionals put into determining accuracy on each and every file they receive are in-depth and time-consuming. They are on staff and we believe, as do many others within the industry, it important to have access to the very best possible available resource.  We believe also, our clients deserve the best and will not compromise on quality. We are aware, that sometimes, hiring the best does not always come cheap! Happily, so do many of our satisfied clients. Delortae Agency, excellence is standard.

See our former clients advice and genuine comments to others who may find themselves in their position and on our unique service.

We cannot guarantee to lower our competitive fees in the future but we can guarantee never to lower the quality of our service!

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