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Home / Luxury Independent Appraisal Service

Luxury Independent Appraisal Service

Delortae Agency™ | Luxury Creatives

Delortae Agency™ Luxury Independent Appraisal Service gives you complete peace of mind.

Delortae Agency

Delortae Agency™ Appraisal Panel is widely respected and is frequently called upon to undertake insurance and valuation work. Our valued Panel is often instructed to work with some of the most esteemed bodies in the industry and has often used their privileged position to call on second opinions and further expert advice and guidance from within.

Delortae Agency™, as the UK's first and now leading authority for luxury designer authentication and appraisal services, offers clients a full and comprehensive appraisal service to match your needs. If you would like your items appraised for insurance or simply resale we can help.

Delortae Agency™, as the UK's leading authority for luxury designer authentication and appraisal services,  offers clients a full and comprehensive appraisal service to match your needs. If you would like your items appraised for insurance or simply resale we can help.



If you would like to resell your authentic item privately or via an auction site we offer our Photo Watermark Service for your submitted photographs.  This will show potential buyers that your item has not only been viewed by us by the fact we watermark your photos, it will ensure you get the best possible price for your authentic item as it has been verified. Your image will be double protected.  Delortae Agency details run unobtrusively along the bottom with our logo embedded discreetly throughout, in the background. The photo image is then placed on our website for double verification. We are the only designer authentication company to offer this exclusive free service to its clients.

Please note all authentic items are available for this service. Chanel bag pictured for demonstration purposes.

Order with confidence from the UK's most trusted seller of exclusive luxury products and services. Consign your luxury authentic items through our Consignment Service.

On all items authenticated by us, we also create a unique individual reference number where interested parties can verify the identity with us FREE OF CHARGE.

They're truly are a dedicated and professional group of individuals and a credit to the industry. We are proud to have them on our team.

Along with this service we can also combine or offer singularly, our additional service of Covert and Overt Tagging, the only luxury designer authentication company to this also.

Delortae Agency™  is the only luxury designer appraisal company to offer clients both Covert and Overt Tagging and free Photo Image Protection for authentic item resale. Visit our Luxury Independent Authentication Service for further details and Client Service Fees. Delortae Agency may be better known for The Luxury Independent Authentication Service

Delortae Agency™ aims to dispel the mystery that surrounds the appraisal reports, and below we answer some of the more commonplace questions we receive; on our primary site

Delortae Agency | Corporate Website

Delortae Agency Corporate Website

Delortae Agency Questions

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