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    "I am very pleased with the services of the Delortae agency. They are professional, friendly (that's important to me!) deliver when promised, answer questions, and I think their services are badly needed in the ever expanding world of internet luxury trade. I recommend them!!" How did you find this website? Google
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If you have a small business, a creative talent or you are an artisan and you sell your products or services direct and/or online using the Subscription to our Luxury Income Club could be the most profitable investment you could do. Do you want to know why?

Membership Subscriptions

6 Reasons To Subscribe


Membership subscriptions allows you to benefit from all the features of Luxury Income Club presently on offer and soon to be added and we promise not to raise the membership for the period you have subscribed for one year



We love creating new apps and whether you are iOS or Android, Desktop or Laptop you will have access to your premium dashboard and the site.


Very few companies become wealthy, independent and financially free from one income. If your business is not affording you the luxury lifestyle you deserve and are working hard for it maybe time to introduce an additional income, that won't require all of your time and leave you free to enjoy the things you love


We love creating rewarding our successful luxury business affiliates with free authentic products and incentives which they can wear, sell or keep. Luxury Income Club leave that up to you to decide.


Delortae Agency will look after your clients from the off set. You don't need to worry as we will take care of the delivery the support and maintain contact with the client from the beginning from dispatch to delivery, we let them know they're in safe hands.


How much you want to earn is left to you. By building a team and leading them to success you will see a considerable increase in your monthly recurring revenue, we love to see you succeed.

Luxury Income Club Attributes


Build your empire. Sometimes small businesses need cash to make the most of unexpected opportunities. Wealth creation, a fairer distribution of wealth.  Live the life you've always dreamed. Engineered from the ground up. Taking that all into account? Why wouldn't you join?

Subscription FAQ's

You can cancel the subscription at any time, but take my advice, I recommend you don't do it, for three simple reasons:

1. As soon as you cancel your Luxury Income Club Subscription, you will no longer have access to our support desk, benefits, rewards and discounts. If you find an item you like to be able to get it as reasonably priced as possible, you will also miss out on the opportunity of being able to hire items and receive free rewards and earn commission on referred members, you will not be able to have that until you subscribe again.

2. You will no longer have access to the member directory, reward store and exclusive event invitations at reduced rates also. Any time a new product or service is introduced you will no longer be alerted early or have the opportunity to purchase at a substantial discount.

3. You won't be able to benefit from your team commission, and all the other benefits and you will be bound to subscribe anew and pay the sign-up fee once again.

GoCardless is a UK Online Direct Debit provider founded in January 2011 and Luxury Income Club preferred secured collection merchant. GoCardless is the easy way to collect Direct Debit. Already serving more than 20,000 businesses, perfect for recurring billing and B2B invoicing. If you want to use PayPal services, be sure you selected the correct credit card on PayPal. You can check it during the checkout process, once you are redirected to the PayPal login page: there you can see the default payment method for the subscription payments. If you need to change it, do it before proceeding with the payment. In case of further issues, please write to admin[at]delortaeagency.co.uk and we will do our best to help.

At the moment Luxury Income Club Subscription does not allow customers to temporarily suspend the subscription. If you choose to interrupt it and to resume it after a few months, you can certainly still do that, but you are going to have to pay for the sign-up fee again at the current rate.

Currently, your subscription costs £16.75 per month. If you choose to pay 12 months upfront, you can benefit from a further discount and pay £160.80 instead of 201.00. Your membership is secured at the time you joined and will not be increased within that year.

The sign-up up fee is a one-time only fee which entitles you to benefit immediately from your membership. The only recurring cost is a monthly fee of £16.75 (or 20$ per month if you choose the annual recurrence) to begin earning an additional dependable monthly income and avoid the inevitable increase that will be later added.

The fee allows you to benefit immediately. As an exclusive private members only shopping club, successful members will receive free gifts rewards and incentives that will not be available to the general public.


Emily & the team were such a delight to work with!!! They really helped me in a sticky situation. Im from all the way over in Australia and they made the process so easy to authenticate my fake item and deal with PayPal. I received my full refund and things were done in such an efficient manner. Very professional and empathetic agency at Delortae. Couldn't have found a better team to work with and happy with the outcome

bought a birkin on ebay which i suspected was fake. delortae wrote paypal a letter and helped me get my money back. fast and reliable company. thanks again

I had came across Delortae Agency on Google because I needed to get a written confirmation on a non-authentic Hermes handbag in order to get my money back through Paypal. All the staff at Delortae Agency were very helpful and provided me with professional advice and service through out my claim with Paypal.
A very big THANK YOU to all of you at Delortae Agency and I appreciate all your help in this occasion!

I bought a Louis Vuitton from eBay but was disappointed when it arrived and I saw that it was fake. I asked for Delortae Agency's assistance and Emily was very much supportive. The seller was stubborn and refused to give my money back but Emilie guided me every step of the way. It was very stressful but Paypal made a decision on my favor and refunded my payment. I would not have done it without Delortae's help and I could not thank them enough! I will definitely recommend them to all my friends.

I contacted Delortae Agency to have my Louis Vuitton authenticated. Debbie replied my emails and was very very professional, kind and understanding. I was almost put of time but she and her team handled everything so well, that i managed to get my refund from a dispute via paypal. I could not have thank the team more for what they've done. Great job! and i would definitely recommend Delortae Agency to my friends and i myself would definitely comebcak for their service in the future!

A big thank you to the team at Delortae who were a great help when I had to open a retail dispute with my credit card company after inadvertently purchasing a counterfeit Marc Jacobs purse from eBay. I had missed the window for PayPal claims and had less than a week to provide my credit card co. with proof that the purse was fake in order to get my money back. Delortae were excellent and worked super fast to make sure my certificate was sent asap to in order to meet my deadline. I cannot thank them enough and recommend their authentication services to anyone who needs assistance in this area.

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